Embellishment with Alice Hall – BeStitched Needlepoint
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Embellishment with Alice Hall

BeStitched Needlepoint

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Alice Hall joins BeStitched Needlepoint nearly every Saturday.  We are excited to have her on-board in our shop working with our great customers enhancing canvases with her needle magic. Alice’s many years of stitching (she started stitching at her mother’s knee) gives her the keen ability to find just the right threads and beads to bring your chosen needlepoint canvas to life!

Join Alice on Saturdays 9a – noon & 1p – 4p for $25 or stay for both sessions ($50 total). Together you and Alice will make your canvas come alive with creativity!  Both classes are open to stitchers of all levels.  The price of the class does not include materials.

Reserve your seat at the stitching table by booking today!

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