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K's Creations Swivel Ball Stand

K's Creations Swivel Ball Stand


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Have you been looking for a great floor stand that will allow you to work on your favorite piece while sitting in your comfy chair or on the couch? Something versatile enough to work your piece from the side, straight ahead or in a recliner (while it is reclined)?  This is the floor stand for you! The clamp allows for the use of Stretcher Bars (Evertites too), Q Snaps, Embroidery Hoops - basically any framework you use to hold your material flat will be held snugly!

You can watch the video below for Lisa’s review of these, as well as a demonstration of how easy they are to set up.

The video shows assembly of the Metal Plate Base version - Travel Base version has similar setup with the only variation being in the base itself. We'll be filming with the new version ASAP! :o)

If you're a stitcher-on-the-go who would benefit from taking your Swivel Ball Stand with you (to class, on vacation, anywhere lovely you'd like to sit n' stitch) - the Travel Base Stand is for you! The Travel Base allows the entire stand to break down and fit into a large tripod bag! (Large Tripod Bag options are available on Amazon as low as $10)

The Travel Base and Metal Plate Base Swivel Ball Stands are identical outside of the bases, so choose whichever base option suits your stitching needs best.

**Your stand is custom made upon order, and will be drop shipped to you directly from Manufacturer.**


**Pricing is subject to change with pre-order. Please call 480-991-0706. 




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