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Thread & Bead Tasting

Thread & Bead Tasting


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We welcome you to the Thread & Bead tasting lineup.

A sampling of available colors, textures, and sizes will inspire your WIPS and future projects. Don’t hesitate to sign up for this first year of pairings. 

**Your selection will be charged every month plus shipping.

**60 Day Cancellation by phone 480-991-0706

**Colors and styles may vary from the example pictures above approximately 3 yards per color.

Option 1: Straw Silk & Treenway Silks 
Receive a thread tasting every month. Months will rotate between Straw Silk and Treenway silk.

Option 2: I Want It All!

Every other month receive a harmonious five-color palette of Straw
Silk.  The alternate months will be threads distributed by Treenway Silks. Color-coordinated bead packs will accompany each monthly thread collection.


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