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Top 6 Accessories Bundle

Top 6 Accessories Bundle


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This Holiday season Lisa has put together a top 6 accessories bundle that every needlepointer should have.


1. Petite Ribbon Laying Tools - Colors may vary - Small wood handle made of rare Birch Diamond wood and turned here in the USA.  Longer metal blunt tip is perfect for all your silk, rayon and metallic ribbon threads.

2. Colonial Bullion Tapestry Points - 3 1/2", 5" and 7"

3. Nap ( Bunka ) Brush 

4. Sew Organized Stash'n Store - Never lose a tool again. Made of Silione, smooth and offers a sturdy grip

5. BeStitched Kit-Keeper Keep your project supplies together in a handy kit keeper!

6. Gingher Designer Series Embroidery Scissors 4" "Evelyn"

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