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Lotus Garden PAX


Posted on September 05 2013

It’s Done & It’s Fabulous!  Lisa Kessler brings life to Lotus Garden with technique, metals, beading and new threads.  Watch out for those frisky Dragon Fly’s as they frame Lotus Garden and are poised to take flight!  Zoom in to see the incredible stitching detail created throughout this fabulous Zecca canvas.  Lotus Garden is vibrant and fun.  Stitching Lotus Garden will bring out the Zen in you as explore new stitches never before created so creatively.   Lisa stretches her and our imagination and makes us go places with a needle we didn’t know we could.  Lotus Garden by Zecca is surely to become your next favorite canvas to stitch.  Lotus Garden PAX includes canvas, full color stitch guide by Lisa Kessler and complete thread kit.  Canvas is 10.5 by 13 on 18 mesh.  $485 All PAX can be found on our shop’s webstore Needlepoint_Garden

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