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OUCH don’t step on that fallen Needle


Posted on September 06 2013

BeStitched Needlepoint just received bushels and bushels of Accoutrements!  What are accoutrements you ask – fabulous and fun magnets and accessories that make stitching easier and certainly more fun.   As school has starting across the country we decided it’s the perfect time to share a lesson with our Facebook fans and friends. ac·cou·ter·ment or ac·cou·tre·ment  (-ktr-mnt, -tr-) n. 1. An accessory item of equipment or dress. Often used in the plural. 2. Military equipment other than uniforms and weapons. Often used in the plural. One of our very favorite accouterment is the Black Bird magnet which coincidentally is a perfect match for Maggie’s Black Bird & Bee.  Magnets are the perfect accompaniment to all your canvases - let them hold all your needles in place.  Simply adhere the magnet(s) to your canvas and you’ll never worry again about stepping on that stray needle in barefeet.  You’ll find these accouterments and so many more in our shop’s webstore. We invite you to take a few minutes and browse. Needlepoint_Magnet Needlepoint Needlepoint_Accessory  

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