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More Beauties from Our Ewe and Eye Trunk Show


Posted on November 08 2011

Small town living…. Life seems much simpler in these charming small towns doesn’t it? Fresh eggs from the chickens outside, fresh milk from Bessie the cow….STOP!!! Someone had to do all of this at 4AM! I think I will just stitch these sweet memories while surfing on my iPad and tivoing my favorite TV shows. Life is good in 2011 and even better with all of the fun canvases from Ewe & Eye. Ewe_and_eye_trunk_show_at_bestitched_needlepoint ewe_and_eye_trunk_show_bestitched_needlepointewe_and_eye_trunk_show_bestitched_needlepoint ewe_and_eye_trunk_show_bestitched_needlepointewe_and_eye_trunk_show_bestitched_needlepoint

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