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Ewe and Eye Samplers


Posted on November 07 2011

Sample This… Ewe and Eye has a host of darling sampler pieces. The following canvases explore the sayings and world of yesteryear! These are also a nice crossover project for those cross stitchers in the crowd. I especially love “Ironing Day”. I haven’t seen my iron in a very long time, and I am NOT looking for it! Enjoy these fun pieces! samplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_store samplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_storesamplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_store samplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_store samplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_storesamplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_storesamplers_from_bestitched_needlepoint_store

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  • Rebecca Lake: September 09, 2016

    I have never seen these Ewe and Eye pieces before. Are these cross stitch or canvas patterns? Do you
    sell them? What is the price on them?

  • The Girls: September 09, 2016


    These are needlepoint canvases and our trunk show ends today. If there is one of these pieces that you are interested in please call the shop 480-991-0706 as we are sending it out today and we will get you any of the prices that you need.

    Thank so much!

    The Girls

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