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What the Doodle is a Doodle Canvas?


Posted on November 03 2011

Hello Stitchers, This time we are taking a more in depth look at… What is a doodle canvas and why you should have one.
  • It is a blank canvas on stretcher bars. It should be the mesh on which you usually stitch, for example my doodle canvas is an 18 count canvas.
  • It will improve your stitching by limbering up your fingers if you have not stitched in a while.
  • Even if you are going to stitch an easy stitch, a few stitches on the doodle cloth will help with rhythm and tension.
  • Practice a new or difficult stitch on the doodle canvas - it will help you remember the stitch sequence and help improve your tension.
  • Use it to test how a thread will look with the stitch you want to use.  Is the thread too thin or does it spread out to much causing you to lose the definition of the stitch?
  • When using several colors, stitching an area on the doodle canvas will let you see if the colors are compatible. For example you are working with shades of pink and lavender, when stitched do they complement each other?
  • A doodle canvas is your practice canvas. You will know your stitches will be your best on the actual canvas you are working on.
  • Next to clean hands - a doodle canvas is your best tool.
Confucius - “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.  I do and I understand." Alice HallHappy Stitching until we meet again. Alice    

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  • Deanna Hartenberg: September 09, 2016

    what a great idea. just think what the doodle canvas will look like when it’s all filled in. it will be a work of art!!

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